I've Come Here to talk to people

My name’s Lucy
I’m 32
I’m 5ft 8
I’m from Sheffield
I’m an artist
I’m trying to put myself out there.


I’ve been thinking about performance
I've been thinking about dating apps
And the way people write about themselves
And the way people talk to other people
On various platforms

I thought this would be a good platform
To introduce myself
And to talk
And to see if anything happens

I’ve been off the scene for quite a while now
I’ve been laying low
I’ve been quite nervous about doing this
I’ve been a bit hesitant at getting back into it
But people keep telling me I should “put myself out there”
I have done a few things like this in the past
But I haven’t tried anything like this before
This is fairly new territory for me
So I’m not really sure what to expect
I’m not really sure what’s going to happen

I don’t know how all this will go down
But I just thought, why not give it a go
I thought it would be good to get out my comfort zone
I’m an experimental person
I want to experiment more
And try new things
And do something different
To my everyday

I like to embrace life and to challenge myself and others

And I’ll try anything once
So, here I am

I can seem a bit quiet to begin with
It can take me a while to warm up
I can put on a bit of a front
It does take me a while to let my guard down
And for people to get to know the “real” me
I wouldn’t say I’m particularly introverted or extroverted
I did come out as INFP on a personality test once
Sorry that there aren’t more photos of me here
I don’t take many photos of myself
I’ve been told I look better in real life than in photos
I’m not really a selfie person

So, please don’t ask me to send any pictures

I am trying to be more open to this
I’m trying to share more
I’m trying to push myself into new situations
And hopefully this will be fun
Just casual
And not too serious
I’m not interested in anything serious

I fully appreciate
That this won’t be for everyone
I know it’s not to everyone’s taste
You’ve probably heard all this before
So I’ll try and keep it brief
I don’t want to waste your time

I’m not here to waste anyone’s time

I’m not here to mess around

But as I said I am quite new to this
So please be kind
I’m not entirely sure how these things are meant to work
So I’m just going to try it out
And see where it goes
Please try to bear with me
Apparently it helps
To connect to people,
If you share a bit
Tell people a bit more about yourself.

Give people some information
Some preferences
A list of likes or dislikes

Something that isn’t too long
or too short
That’s original
That’s engaging
That grabs attention
And that hasn’t been over thought too much
According to the internet -

If you’re having a hard time knowing what to say,
start with what you know,
whether it’s a story, an anecdote
or something from your day to day life.
Don’t try and reinvent the wheel.
Try not to indulge your insecurities or be too negative

Saying something simple with a beginning,
middle and end can be very seductive.
If you want to keep it short and fun make a list.
It makes you seem more approachable.
List out things you like,
things you’ve done,

things you’ve never done.

Lists are easy to write and enticing.

Don’t be afraid to get a little weird and random.
Share a secret desire, an odd personality trait or habit.
Whatever you do, be different

Why not try making a joke.
It’s short,
gets attention, and if you do it right
will make people laugh
and feel closer to you

So bearing all this mind
I thought it would be a good idea
To talk a bit more about myself

Here is a bit

That I wrote

I like:
reading, writing, photography, art,
going swimming, going for a run,
cycling, walks in the peak district,
the great outdoors, city centres, woodlands,
museums, historical sites,
holidays in the UK or further afield,
the seaside.
Live music,
festivals and gigs,
sitting in cafes,
sitting in pubs,
spending time in art galleries.
Most genres of music
Some genres of film

I can appreciate most types of weather

seeing family, seeing friends, meeting new people,
going out for a drink with my colleagues,
good conversation, good senses of humour,

Having a laugh
making other people laugh
laughing at my own jokes

listening to the radio,
listening to podcasts,
reading articles online

Eating food
Inventing new recipes
Trying new restaurants
Drinking – although I’m not much of a drinker these days
Nights in
Nights out
Staying in
Going out

I like both staying in and going out

I’m independent
I have a decent enough job
I’m self employed
I live in a 1 bed flat
I can drive a car

I prefer
tea over coffee
non-fiction over fiction
radio over television
baths over showers
cats over dogs
pubs over clubs
beer over wine

I don’t like spiders
I don’t like being cold
I don’t like flying
I don’t like going to the gym
I don’t like dogs
I’m not really into social media
I don’t like looking at screens
I recently set my phone to grey scale
To make it less distracting
I deleted facebook
I deleted twitter
I deleted snap chat
I deleted bumble
I deleted linked in
I set a 2 mile privacy zone on strava
I deleted tinder
I temporarily deleted instagram
But now it’s just set to private
So you can follow me on there if you want

I don’t watch series,
I don’t watch box sets,
I don’t play video games,
I don’t have Netflix,
I’ve never seen love island,
I’ve never seen game of thrones,
I don’t smoke,
I don’t drink caffeine,
I’ve never been married,

I’ve got no children,
no pets,
no tattoos,
no television,

If there’s anything I haven’t covered
Please feel free to ask
You can ask me anything
At any point
I’m here all night
I’m open to questions
If you’d like to know more

I was a bit worried
About how this would go
I’ve had mixed experiences in the past
I don’t like awkward silences
And being stuck for things to say

you’ve got to know me a bit
Hopefully this has left some sort of an impression on you
Hopefully I’ve made some sort of a connection

I’ve been talking for what feels like quite a while now
There’s probably a lot more I could say
But I don’t want to give everything away
I’ve heard it’s good
to be slightly enigmatic

I don’t want to carry on for too long
Maybe it’s better to call it a night soon
I don’t want to keep you too much longer

And I’ve got quite a lot on

This week

I’m really busy

So maybe it’s best to draw this to a close

I’ve had a nice evening so far
It’s been lovely

I’ve had a great time

I’ve really enjoyed your company

It’s been really great

But If I’m being honest

I do find all this all a bit strange

It all feels a bit forced

I think it’s fairer on everyone
In the long run
If I’m honest

To be honest

I’m not sure if I’m really feeling it

I have tried

I don’t really know if this is going well

I’m not really sure if it’s what I want to be doing right now

I’m quite a busy person
And I have a lot going on

And this sort of thing

takes a lot of energy

To be honest

I’ve been dreading this

I hate doing stuff like this

I don’t know why I put myself through it

I’m not sure yet,

if this has been a good idea

This whole set up makes me feel really uncomfortable

You’ve made me feel really uncomfortable

I hope you understand

I hope you can appreciate what I’m saying

I think it’s best to be up front
About these things

Maybe you feel the same

There’s no point dragging this out

Any longer than necessary

So maybe it’s better for everyone if I wrap this up

It’s always awkward trying to end these things


I don’t want to keep you much longer

I would quite like to stop this now

Sorry for being weird

But I think I need a break


this is a bit awkward

I can’t really see how this can go any further

I don’t want to carry on with this

It wouldn’t be fair on anyone

If I carried on like this

There’s only so long

I can go on doing this

And there’s only so long

I can go on

Repeating myself like this

I think I’m done with all this now

I’m going to stop now

I’m just going to leave it here

I’m just going to leave this here.

A performance from phone based on Tinder at Construction House - Leisure Time, S1 Artspace, 2018